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  About paidGLOBAL on-line.

paidGLOBAL is a global research business with over 10 years experience on-line and over 20 years experience in the real time operation of distribution, wholesale, retail, service and tourism businesses. 

paidGLOBAL offers unique business operation experience to assist in having a better understanding of the individual needs of our clients from a wide range of different industries.

paidGLOBAL no longer operates sales businesses, so you can feel confident that we are not in competition with you and that we are truly dedicated to serving your needs professionally and confidentially.

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Our business is defined by making your business successful through knowledge.

 From researching new trade contacts, to finding manufacturers, paidGLOBAL offers you dedicated research staff with genuine knowledge and experience in sourcing the information you need.

Don't tie up valuable company resources of your own, let paidGLOBAL find the information you need.







Your business is important to us, so our professionalism is guaranteed. No information discussed regarding your research will be released without your consent. We have unique real world experience to help us better understand your needs.

paidGLOBAL : proud to be an Australian Business.




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